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Deland Golden Hawks

Located on the North end of DeLand Airports closed runway 18.

Golden Hawks enjoy a beautiful, spacious, and established flying field with private access  thanks to the City of DeLand.

Flying 7 Days A Week all year long

Golden Hawks flying field is open from Sunrise to Sunset. Check Calendar for updates to event schedules. 

Gallery & Videos

The pretty pictures and videos of past events and other things from the club. 

Flight Instruction

Join for access to our flight instructors to learn to fly or regain some confidence after not flying for a while!

By Laws and Rules

All the small print and rules which are helpful to know and 

AMA Chartered Club #2200

We participate in the Academy of Model Aeronautics Pilot Introduction Program.


Multiple Runways

  • Asphalt
  • Mowed Grass
  • Long Grass

Community Involvment

Members are active in local schools, events, parades, scouts, and displays. Check the Calendar!

Member Showcase

Scroll through and see some of our members with their aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with a Pilot Checkout?

Flying a certain set of easy maneuvers in front of one of the flight instructors. 

What is the altitude restriction?

No operations above 400 feet AGL permitted ever. We fly under an active traffic pattern for the airport.

Why should I come to the Monthly meetings?

Keep up to date on the current events, fun atmosphere, 50/50, and door prized each month. 

How many days a year can I fly?

All of them!

Does the field have bathrooms?

A very clean and classy porta potty is on the field. 

When is the best time to fly?

All the time!

Mornings are fun with light winds and cooler temperatures. Bring sunglasses as the pilot line faces East.

Afternoons are nice with the sun behind you but be prepared for slightly higher winds as well as the chance of afternoon thunderstorms in the summer.