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Website Upgrade


Golden Hawks,

Hello! A few new features and pages have been added to the DRCC website and are ready for you!

Along the top menu you will notice a few differences, explore the tabs.

You’ll notice a blog tab with three new subsections.

  • Club events: Fun-flys, toys for tots, cookouts, meeting minutes etc.
  • Member showcase: This section will be used to showcase members, (imagine that) new and old to the rest of the club. A place to brag about our members!
  • Builders Corner: In the last meeting, someone said that the builders were disappearing but I think that most of the builders are just diligently working in their workshops. We want to see your projects and workspaces! This is where the magic happens, foam, balsa, or fiberglass… take a picture and show off your artwork or workspace!

The classifieds section is now on the main menu. List anything you have that you would like to sell, trade, or create a listing if there is something you are searching for. Let’s help each other out as I bet collectively we all have more than any hobby shop does! Payments are all set up and handled by you. The website will not offer any payment or billing options as of right now.

The Gallery & Videos page now has a few large picture sets of recent events but it needs more! You are the key, so send me more. Also, send me links of YouTube videos that you may have and we can add those to the bottom of the page. There are a few great ones from a couple members already.

The last addition, and the coolest I think, is under the Member login tab at the top. You will now see a “Write New Post” option which allows you to Upload your own content on your own time to any of the blog subsections of your choice. I have included step by step instructions on how you can create your own post, and it is the same process no matter if it is a computer or mobile browser. This means you can upload pictures and information from your phone / iPad while you are at the field.  Please don’t be shy, we want to see your airplanes, Heli’s, drones, workshops, and especially CRASHES!


New Post Directions:


PDF Version:  Website instructions

Member Showcase