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To our Pilot friends,

The members of the DeLand Radio Control Club invite you to our WINTER AIR FEST on February 9th, 2019. We have seen many of you at our great flying field at previous events, including some memorable Festival of Giants and Jets over DeLand where we all enjoyed great flying conditions and Golden Hawks hospitality! So, please put it on your calendars and I look forward to welcoming you in February

David Shorrock

President, DeLand Golden Hawks

November 2018 Tue, 11 Dec 2018 03:35:00 +0000

Hawks Squawks

November  2018 News


Early December, the evenings are closing in and for this immigrant to Florida, some  mornings are getting a little chilly for flying! November was filled with thoughts of Veterans, Family and Turkeys but not much action at the field.  The Board was collecting dues and making plans for 2019, especially in terms of budgets, events and social activities. Our November Meeting was at the DeLand City Hall; a final venue for our future meetings is still to be determined. We  voted on the nominations for the three Director positions that will join the Board for the next two years. Mike Setteducati is our new board member, replacing Ken Sheppard. Kevin Leisy and John Goscinski were both re-elected. We thank Ken for his valuable contribution to the board activities over the last two years. Steve Stadnick was reconfirmed as the Field Marshall and John MacDonald is welcomed as the new Safety Officer.

Dues collection is underway and I remind you that the last opportunity to avoid the late fee is  to pay at the meeting on January 9th, which once again will be at City Hall Chamber, or pay on-line before  then through the club web site PayPal connection. Please excuse the web site reconstruction!

Our November Board Meeting concluded that somehow, we need to inspire more volunteers to be available for  the 2019 Event Calendar and in support of the field preparation activities undertaken by Steve Stadnick and Pete Doiron…..they do need help occasionally, so don’t wait to be asked just do it and offer your help!

At the December Meeting, we launched a new initiative….“Volunteer of the Year”. This honor would be awarded to any member who in the opinion of the board with member input, had volunteered a significant amount of their valuable time throughout 2018. As a token of our appreciation, the club would gift a  free year of dues and their name would be inscribed on a perpetual plaque to be on display to their peers at the field. The inaugural winner for 2018 is Steve Stadnick, our Field Marshal and I was proud to present him with his award at the recent December Dinner Meeting.


The Dinner Meeting was a great success and 75  members and guests were in attendance at the John Knox village, kindly arranged by club member Howard Chana, aided and abetted by Andy Bowen (Happy 80th Birthday Andy) and Barbara from JKV. Thank You! Following dinner I spoke and my remarks printed here for those that did not attend

Good evening and welcome

Thank you to the John Knox village for this great meal, and a special thanks to one of our own and a resident—-Howard Chana—for making the arrangements. Our special guests from the Deland airport organization were not able to make it tonight due to some family issues, but I would like to record our continuing appreciation of the support they give this club in order for us to use one of the best flying sites around

I want to extend a special thanks to all the spouses who got their partners cleaned up for tonight, and managed to find a shirt that did not have epoxy and CA glue all over the front….like mine, I might add!

The club has had a very successful year and our membership has climbed to 123. I  see many new faces here tonight and we hope that you will take this opportunity to make  many more friends in our club

In 2018, my board and I set a goal to ensure that we are fiscally sound as we enter 2019 and that we have taken major steps to improve the quality of our flying site. We were determined to reach out to other pilots and hold events. This would create  revenue for our club and give us community recognition in DeLand by providing spectator opportunities for young and old to enjoy model aviation. We have put on three events, including bringing back turbine jets to Deland (on an invitation only basis) which has brought  back memories of the Winter Festival of Giants and Jets over DeLand which “back in the day” put the Golden Hawks and Deland on the National model aviation map. Our financial situation is sound and we are expecting strong support from the city of Deland to make improvements to our field

This month we will be planning our budget for 2019, and preparing for a national Scale model aviation group (NASAScale)  to hold their annual competition and meeting here at our field. We begin 2019 with a Winter RC Air-Fest in February, followed by a return of the Pylon guys in early April. Additional events are planned for the rest of the year and our challenge is to remain relevant to the significant changes in our hobby such as advanced drones and ready-to-fly and plug-and-play electric models, whilst still respecting traditional model techniques and those who fly them.      (post meeting note, I would like us to discover, sponsor, create….whatever…an event which could focus on this group; maybe a “kit-fly” or a “scratch-build fly”….any ideas?….send me a note)

We could not have achieved this success and financial strength without a lot of dedicated people over the years…..we even have a few founder members here who  have supported us since the inception of the club, some 30 years ago. I would like those and our former board members to identify yourselves when I call your name and new members take note; say hello and listen to their stories. Hold your appreciation until the end–thanks.

The meeting concluded by a talk from our speaker, Jerry Weakly. Jerry was a navy scientist and is currently a project engineer at the Eagle Flight Research center at Embry Riddle University in Daytona. He is a graduate of the US Naval Test Pilot school, qualified on rotary wing aircraft and the recipient of numerous awards during his navy career, including the Meritorious Civilian Service award for his work on the V-22 Osprey tilt rotor program, and most recently in his navy career, he worked as a project engineer and in program management roles on naval missile and UAV platforms. Jerry spoke of his V-22 experience including first-hand knowledge of the accident investigations during the early years of V-22 operations.

This busy week concluded with one of the best DRCC Member Breakfast Fly-In’s we have ever had. Thank you to Kevin and his team who served 36 breakfasts and there must have been at least 20 pilots who kept the sky full of club member  airplanes ranging from an aircraft carrier launched EDF jet, to IMAC-class aerobatics, to warbirds, to big birds (trying to?!) flying formation to helicopters and even a tilt-rotor and most surprising of all, no seriously damaged airplanes! Must have been the gorgeous weather!

On that happy note, Valerie and I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas Holiday and we look forward  to good times in 2019


David  Shorrock-President, DRCC

December 11th, 2018

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